Can a Muslims Ban stop us from traveling?

I am a traveller who holds an Iranian passport and lives in London. I usually travel with my Italian husband. Yes, we are an Iranian-Italian family, we built our family with love and passion, despite our differences. We both share the same values and have the same interests. We are very close, which I couldn’t imagine considering that we were born and we grew up in two different continents, far from each other. We have so much in common that we forget about our nationalities, but when it comes to travelling the differences materialise in front of us. When we arrive at any border control we feel that the walls and borders have been built to separate us. A piece of paper, called passport, separates us in so many ways and creates barriers against our dream: exploring our planet; we try hard to ignore it.

Most of the travellers are not familiar with the troubles I go through, for most westerns a passport might just be a thing that helps them to visit more countries, while a passport for many other nationalities is something that stopped them from roaming around the world. Yes, a piece of paper sometimes means more than you can imagine.

We believe in the power of love and spreading peace during our travels. Thus, despite the difficulties, I travel around the world, live my life and try to spread peace while I am visiting new places. I also believe that travelling should be promoted so that people with different nationalities can go to other nations and learn about new places and cultures. Learning more and get to know more about others helps us to be more open-minded and more tolerant towards others.

Tourism accessibility has improved and it got a lot easier during the past decades, which is great news and it is our (travellers') responsibility to encourage more people to get out of their towns, cities and countries.

Even though we, travellers, have nothing to do with politics, politicians can still affect our plans. Recently, Donald Trump has banned people from seven nationalities including me and my compatriots to enter his land, which happens to be part of our planet.

The president of the United States has not given any decent reason against this radical decision, apart from stating that it has been done to stop terrorists from getting to the US and avoid attacks like the one in September 11, 2001, but the countries the hijackers were from, are not included in the ban list.

The ban against Muslims is not helping stopping terrorism, and it’s spreading hatred and discriminations around the world.

Terrorism wants to separate us and damage humanity, they target touristic places, to stop people from travelling, but we all fight against terrorism and hatred and try hard to make our world a better place for everyone.

I as an Iranian traveller, I do my best to travel to visit as many places as my passport can allow. President Trump might be able to ban me from one country but our beautiful planet has much more to offer, and there’s always some welcoming places to go to.

This piece has been written by Mansoureh Farahani, Founder of Travel With Mansoureh 

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