First day trip of 2017 with a new drone

The very first day of 2017 in the UK was rainy and foggy, but we were still hoping we could use our last day of the winter holidays to go to nature. According to the forecast, the 2nd of January should have been a sunny day. Having a clear sky during winters in the UK is a rare event, so we decided to make the best out of it and plan a day trip to the south of England.

This getaway was unlike any other day trips we had, it was a chance to film with our new drone (a DJI Mavic Pro). A Sunny day with no wind means a great day to fly a drone, so we didn’t want to miss the opportunity.

We planned to go to Eastbourne, which offers white cliffs, beautiful landscapes and stunning scenery, and above all, there is a direct train from London. When we checked the train timetable, we noticed there were some disruptions, due to a strike. The issue was not too concerning, so we decided to go anyway.

As soon as we got up, we checked the forecast. If you are familiar with the UK’s weather you know that it can be unpredictable. According to the BBC forecast, despite being cold (1-degree celsius), everything seemed fine; a clear sky and wind speed of up to 12 mph.

Train from London to Eastbourne

We packed our stuff and went to London Victoria. Usually, the station is busy, but that day it wasn’t. Apparently, it was too soon to start 2017’s travels. Having the uncrowded station in front of us meant that there was no queue for buying tickets and getting coffee, and no fights to get a seat (trains to Eastbourne are usually packed during the summer).

When we got onto the train we found out that the train would divide in one of the station stops; the first four carriages would go to another destination while the rest (eight more carriages) would continue to Eastbourne, we were in the fifth one so we were good.

We arrived at the station where the train was supposed to split into two. The stop took longer than usual, we could see two drivers talking to the station's crews. Eventually, after 20 minutes waiting, a crew came in our carriage and said: “I am not sure if you have been informed, but only the last 4th carriages will continue to Eastbourne, so if you are going to Eastbourne you have two minutes to move down the train”. We and other passengers were quite confused but we didn’t have time to ask any questions. We took our belongings and moved as quickly as we could. When we reach carriage 9, the train started moving, luckily we were fine there. But what on earth happened we are still unsure of.

Filming over the white cliffs

We arrived at the Eastbourne train station at around noon, where we bought some food and drinks for our picnic, then we took the coastal road to the National park and the white cliffs.

The last time we were there with our bikes on a summer sunny day, you can check the post here “A Sunday bike ride around Eastbourne”.

Eastbourne is a coastal city in the south of the UK, with a short walk from the city centre you can get to a beautiful national park and Beachy Head where you can overlook the scenery of white cliffs and a 100ish-year-old lighthouse.

We began flying our drone when we got to the top of the cliffs, but sometimes the wind was too strong and we had to land our drone, but overall our mission was successful.

During the winters days are short, the sunset was around 4 pm, so I tried to capture a time lapse for the very first time with my GoPro. The battery died before the sunset, but I took good pictures of the sun settling down.

Having Fish and Chips

We were too busy with filming to eat our lunch, we completely forgot that we were there for more than 4 hours without eating nor drinking. We were also very cold, the temperature dropped dramatically right after the sunset.

We got out of the national park when it was dark, and we headed back to the city centre quite starved and frozen. We jumped into the very first restaurant we saw on our way to the centre, which looked nice and warm. We went for traditional British food: Fish and Chips. The food was really tasty, even though we chose the place without reading the reviews it turned out to be great.

After dinner, we went back to the station and took the train to London and ended our very first day trip of 2017.

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