How to choose the right family holiday

Travelling with your family can be one of the most fun, rewarding and exciting experiences of your life – but only if you get it right. It’s easy to pick the wrong family holiday and end up miserable and disappointed, especially if you had high expectations. Picking the right one can ensure a stress-free, happy holiday – and smiles all around. Thinking about factors like weather, location, accommodation, and activities will help guide you towards a holiday that your entire family will love. Here are some top tips to help you choose the right holiday for your family.

Look at different kinds of accommodation

Staying in a luxury hotel might sound a great idea, but they can often lack fun facilities specifically for children. Look at hotels and travel companies that design their activities and hotels around younger guests: the more on offer for your kids, the easier your holiday will be. Many places now offer kids’ clubs, so check out what’s on offer and if there are any age limits. More and more families are looking at cruises for their annual holidays. From on-board waterparks to kids' shows, you have a wide choice of child-friendly cruises that boast plenty of attractions for your little ones, and plenty of adults-only perks, too!

Think about the time of year to go

Depending on the age of your children, you may be bound by school holiday dates. If that’s the case, then start planning as soon as you can. By booking well in advance you can save money and still book a brilliant holiday. If your children aren’t at school, make use of cheaper off-peak prices: you can bag a top-notch holiday for a small price if you go during term time. The other part to consider is the weather and climate of your chosen destination. Hot, sticky and humid days can be a sure-fire way to trigger tantrums, so either head to a country with cooler weather or book your holiday for a cooler, less humid time of year. If you're after plenty of sunshine without scorching temperatures, a springtime holiday is a great idea – autumn breaks offer a comfortable level of heat, too.

Choose your activities carefully

While you want to make memories together and experience new sights, booking in too many activities and trips can quickly ruin a holiday. If you’ve got younger children, book family-friendly excursions that account for small, tired legs! If you choose a cruise, you’ll be able to tailor your trips for your children, swapping long walks for visits to aquariums. Likewise, look at doing a couple of amazing activities rather than lots of little ones. By spending time on the beach or by the pool, you can recharge and spend a few days heading out on longer, more adventurous trips. This is why it’s important to choose family-friendly accommodation: if you’re having a relaxing day, you still need fun things on hand for your children.

Decide on the best destinations

Lots of elements come into play when you’re choosing a holiday for your family: where’s safe to go with children? Will the towns be pushchair-friendly? Will certain locations require vaccinations? Your budget and ideal length of the holiday will steer you towards certain places, and you may already have a few ideas in mind. If you’re going somewhere new, take the time to read reviews on TripAdvisor and parenting forums – people who have visited before will be quick to say whether somewhere is family-friendly or not.

Choosing the right family holiday is easy when you know what you're looking for: with the right accommodation, time of year, activities and destination you'll all have a brilliant time away, and make plenty of brilliant memories to treasure.

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