Road Trip from England to Scotland

The Easter weekend break can be a great opportunity to travel for two main reasons, 4 days of holidays and the weather starts getting better. Actually, we didn’t want to go on a trip, since the week before we were in Sweden and the week after Easter we had everything booked to travel to Dubai, we thought Easter holidays could be a great time for us to rest a little bit at our home in London. But, the plan didn’t work out.

One of our friends, despite knowing our plans, asked us to take a road trip from London to Glasgow in Scotland. Saying “no” to any opportunity to travel is our weak point, so we just agreed to join the road trip.

We were five, so it was more convenient to rent a car.

On Friday morning we gathered to pick up the car, but we couldn’t start our journey at the time we expected because one of us arrived late, so our schedule for the first day didn’t quite work. We were supposed to leave London at 9:30, but we did it around 11am. We just had breakfast in the car to avoid more plan failures.

Generally, when you plan a group trip, you should leave some space for delays. Having more people in a group increase the chance of someone being late, even if all are punctual, there is still a big chance that something can go wrong.

We arrived to Birmingham, the fourth-most visited city in the UK. We strolled for a while around the city centre and had lunch in a mexican restaurant. After a while we resumed our journey towards Liverpool.

Birmingham City Centre  

After an almost 2-hour drive, we arrived at our hotel, outside of the city. Usually, when you have a car, it is better to book a hotel far from the city centre. You can save some money, and have free car parking and a quiet room for sleeping.

After taking some rest, we went to the city. We walked around the Liverpool bay, where there are many boat restaurants.

A Boat Restaurant in Liverpool 

The day after, we hit the road as soon as we had breakfast at our hotel. There are a few routes you can take to go to Scotland from Liverpool, we followed the route which passes through the Lake District National Park, one of the main attractions in England.

 Lake District National Park 

We stopped near one of the lakes to stroll around. It was very cloudy and foggy, and as soon as we stepped out of the car, it started raining. It would have been great to have some warm sunshine instead of a rainy day, but we were happy to be in the beautiful nature offered by the park. 

Lake District National Park  

We tried our best to ignore the rain, but we were completely soaked. We found a Cafe and jumped right in. After having hot drinks and cakes, we got back to our car and followed the route to Scotland by keep following the road through the park. The road was narrow and slippery but we made it out of the national park area.

We arrived to our hotel in a small town in Scotland, 20 minutes from Glasgow. The morning after, since there was not much to do in the town, we just hit the road after having breakfast and drove to the largest city in Scotland. We walked through the centre of Glasgow and went to a park, while we were enjoying some sunshine.


On late Sunday afternoon, we left Glasgow to go back England. In the evening, we arrived in Blackpool, a seaside resort on the Irish Sea coast of England.

Fortunately, we were not too late to watch the stunning sunset at the beach. I consider Blackpool as a Las Vegas city for the UK, with many bars, clubs and casinos. The city is home to the largest indoor water park in the UK and it also has a theme park.

A Sunset in Blackpool  

We split into two groups, half went to a bar, and the other half went playing quite addictive but fun games in the casinos.

The morning after, by going to the water park, we added some fun to our holiday on our very last day. We couldn’t stay the whole day there, just a couple of hours, but we tried all the best rides and then left Blackpool to get back to London.

It took us longer than usual to get back, because there was a traffic jam on the way. It looked like Londoners used the opportunity to escape from the capital and it was time to go back home for everyone.

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