Visiting the Tranquil Isle of Man

In a previous post, we shared an adventure we had from England to Scotland and experiencing many unforgettable sites in the UK along the way. One of the highlights was when we watched the sunset in Blackpool facing the Irish Sea.

This sea in the middle of the country holds a gem at its heart. Off the coast almost equidistant from the four main kingdoms lies the Isle of Man, a historically rich territory albeit a small land measuring a mere 570 square kilometres. The island is famous in this modern age for its motor racing events, but on the flipside, it's also a haven for ancient wonders.

What to see

The Isle of Man transports tourists back to the age of knights and lords. Visit Isle of Man identifies Castle Rushen as one of Europe’s best preserved medieval castles, giving visitors a glimpse of how royal families lived centuries ago.
The land is also known for its Celtic and Viking heritage as stated by BBC, with numerous Neolithic tombs and burial grounds visible along trails. Celtic and Norse crosses, some of which date back to the 6th century, can be seen as well in churchyards around the island.
A great way to explore the island is by using its own railway systems, which has been voted one of the best things to do by Trip Advisor users. Hopping on a locomotive allows tourists to enjoy the island’s scenic views in a completely different way.

How to get there

Foreigners usually enter the UK through London, after which an additional one-hour flight is needed to reach the island. If you’re taking a side trip outside the city though, remember to consider the surge of visitors passing through London each day.
Public transport can get crowded, and given the sheer amount of passenger traffic, unforeseen delays can happen. Therefore, it’s advised to add more minutes or hours to your travel time to be safe.
Alternatively, you can rent your own vehicle for convenience, like what we did in our UK road trip. When it’s finally time to head to the Isle of Man, the carparks around the airport are near the terminals, so you can easily return the vehicle without too much hassle. Furthermore, Parking4Less specifies that there are airport shuttles such as in Heathrow Airport, which ensure passengers get to their respective transfer terminals quickly and for free.
Traveling to the tranquil settings of the Isle of Man can be the ideal catalyst for you to recharge your batteries and take in some wonderful medieval architecture. If you’ve had the luxury of experiencing the Isle of Man first hand, feel free to leave your stories below in our comments section. 

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