We are cycling through 6 countries for children of war

I usually don't write about my upcoming trips, but this one is unlike any other. It requires effort, planning, training and exercise. Above all, it needs you on board too. We are going to take you with us in this very particular journey. This is why I have to write about it and inform you before the trip starts.

We are going to challenge ourselves, leave our comfort zone and cycle through six countries to show our solidarity with who have been forced to stay out of their comfort and safety. Yes, cycling through six European nations to support and raise money for the children living in war zones is our journey we want you involved with.

As you know, me and Bruno, an Iranian-Italian couple, love exploring the globe, learning about diverse cultures and meeting new people. We travel often and spread peace by visiting new places.

But, we also know that no matter how hard we try to visit every part of our planet there are still places we won't be able to visit due to conflicts and wars. There are a lot of innocent people, and especially children, are ignored by the rest of the world. We always wanted to do something to show our support and demonstrate that the people who live in the conflict areas are not forgotten.

We put our thought together to figure out how travellers who don't have the power to stop wars or change the world can help the children who would only travel to save their lives. After some serious thought, we came with an idea to challenge ourselves and use our passion as a tool to show our support to the innocent children of war. Travelling is our passion, cycling is one of our favourites activities and facing challenges is the way we can become a better version of ourselves. So, we combined all of them together and decided to take a bike tour. After deciding the event, we searched to find the charity to meet our interest. There are many charities that support children in general, but we wanted to find the one which helps the children who suffer from the battle between other human beings. Eventually, we contacted War Child and created a fundraising page on JustGiving.

You might ask why have we chosen children? And why only children in war zones? The answer is because we believe that the children are the next generation who could contribute to shaping a better future for our world. The children of war are who already suffered from the fights. They have seen the worst part of humanity, so they have to see the better part, too.

Our goal is not only raising money, don't get me wrong, fundraising is part our plan, but it's not all of it. We want to cycle nation by nation, talk to people about what we are doing, write about it and document it to raise awareness about the children who shouldn't be ignored.

We planned to start our trip on the 14th of April from the UK (where we live) and we will cycle through Kent to get a ferry to France, then we will resume the cycling tour towards Belgium, then Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg, where we will reach our final destination. In the meantime, we will post updates on our blog and social media pages, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and videos on YouTube. Please make sure that you follow us on the platforms to get the updates.

We believe that it doesn't matter what we do or how influential our goals are, it is important that we do something to make the world a better place.

It is vital to do something today, not tomorrow, when it might be too late, and do what we are able to. We know ourselves and our abilities, so we will start by cycling through the six European countries I mentioned. You can do the same and show some love by donating, but even if your finances don't allow you to donate you can still help by spreading the word and share our story.

Here is the page where you can donate: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/travel-with-mansoureh

This piece has been written by Mansoureh Farahani, Founder of Travel With Mansoureh

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