Weekend in Prague: an unusual flight and a huge zoo

On the way to the zoo

When we booked our trip to Prague, we expected to have a normal weekend break in the capital of Czech Republic. We couldn’t guess that the break could end up to be kind of an adventure and one of the most memorable trips we’ve ever had.

We have heard a lot about Prague’s beauty, so we were excited about the trip in general and couldn’t wait to explore the city. But what we didn’t expect was that to experience some unique events.

We headed to London’s Stansted airport on a Friday evening in July, to spend a weekend in one of the most picturesque cities. Everything looked normal, like any usual trip until we boarded the plane. We were walking toward our gate while we were hit frequently by running people’s bags. We didn’t know what was going on and why so many people were late for boarding, but we were sure that we had enough time to walk comfortably. We arrived at our gate where we saw some groups of boys dressed up as girls, apparently for a stag party, in front of us in the queue. After a while, with a little delay, we boarded our flight, and the adventure started.

Only a few minutes after we sat at our seats, a couple was right in front of us, when I felt like I needed fresh air. I looked around I found out that I was not the only one. There was a very powerful smell. We tried to be polite, so we said no words and kept quite but the smell was not ordinary and other passengers behind us and in the other rows complained. Unfortunately, the flight was fully booked and no one could do anything except tolerating the stink for two hours.

As soon as we took off, a different group of passengers started shouting, singing and laughing loudly. The flight was unlike any other flights we ever took. One of the passengers started to take a selfie with whoever was on the flight including us. Wasn’t it odd? We thought it was weird but gave it a try.

The crew members have been frequently asked to bring a lot of food and drinks. They really had a rough time and it was obvious from their expressions. They had to deal with the strong unpleasant smell of a passenger and naughty drunks who started to party way too early. The chaos had continued almost until we landed. When the crews sat down before landing, a drunk guy started walking and singing. He stood up and walked towards the toilet after even the crew already took a seat. One of the crew members had to escort him to his seat, and this happened three times just moments before landing and right after the plane landed. Eventually, the pilot parked the plane while a group of boys was still singing. We were waiting for the doors to open when a crew member announced: “This is a plane guys, not a bus, you can’t just do what you were doing in flights. The doors are now open”. That meant the two-hour uncomfortable flight was over, even though we both got a headache because of the noise and the smell

We were in Prague. A hotel's taxi driver was waiting for us. So we’ve enjoyed an easy journey to our hotel.

On Saturday, we explored the whole city by walk. We visited two historical castles, gorgeous buildings, the famous Old Town square, Charles Bridge, Astronomical Clock and many churches. I already wrote how we spent a day in Prague, which would guide you how to visit all of the attraction in a short period of time.

Visiting one of the biggest zoos in Europe

At the end of our tour, we asked for a cruise tour on the following day. We found out there were different types of tours. Some were just cruising around, some were suitable for dining and one was going to the Prague zoo. We gathered all the brochures and information we could and headed back to our hotel. We did some research and found out the zoo was one the largest zoos in Europe.

On Sunday morning, we were so excited about our boat trip and a day tour inside the zoo, but the weather didn’t help at all. It was cloudy and raining, we were not sure if it was a good idea to go or not, but we decided to give it a try anyway.

We found a Mansion on our way

We, together with a group of four people, were the only passengers on the boat. It looked like we had the entire boat for ourselves, which was not bad at all, we well deserved a quiet trip.

We got off the boat and headed towards the zoo, but after a while, we found ourselves in the middle of nowhere without any sign guiding us towards the zoo. Luckily, there was a cyclist who knew a little bit of English and gave us some directions. We were told that the zoo was behind a castle. So, we were on a mission to find the castle first then go to the zoo. We entered a garden which was like a maze garden and after a little walk we found a nice historical mansion. We continued our way until we reached the zoo.

The zoo was huge, we spend the whole day going to as many sections as we could. We probably visited most parts of it, but I’m not sure if we missed any or not. There are various types of animals including cassowary (the third largest bird), lions, tigers, polar bears, elephants, and more. Apart from the animals, there were cable chairs inside the zoo which helped us save some time. Spending time in the zoo was really fun.

We went back to the city by boat. We had dinner with some friends and left Prague with a good memory on Monday morning.

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