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About Us

We are Mansoureh and Bruno, an iranian-italian couple who have the passion for travelling, who find any opportunity and excuse to arrange an escape plan, anything between a short excursion, a weekend getaway or flying to another continent.

We are not full-time travellers, we work and try to save money to travel. We love adventures, exploring different cultures, meeting new people, and soaking up in nature. This website is where we share our experience. We want to show people that if we can do what we do, so you can. You can still live in your comfort zone and by having a normal life while being able to explore our beautiful world.

Who Are We?


From Iran, with a master in Tourism obtained in the UK, and a freelance writer and journalist.


From Italy, a software engineer and technology advocate.

We met in London and started a life together, since then we always travel together.

Why “Travel With Mansoureh”?

Mansoureh is often the trips and adventure planner, video maker, and writer who keeps the website up to date.

Bruno tends to be behind the scene, taking pictures or videos and supporting the website technically. He keeps telling everyone as a joke that he is travelling with Mansoureh, so when choosing the domain, we decided for “Travel With Mansoureh” to remind us of our happy moments.

Why do we travel?

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page”, according to Saint Augustine.

Travelling is fun and educational, full of enjoyment, happiness, troubling and wonder moments. And yes, we believe in it. We learned a lot about new cultures, languages, people and places in any of our trips. We increase our knowledge about various races and culture, not only by watching movies, reading daily news, but by facing them, talking to people and touching their sense of humanity.

Because we also believe that if only people would travel more, peace and happiness would take over racism, discrimination and war.

Where Have We Been?

37 countries so far