12 Best Places to Visit in East Sussex

  • Jun 18, 2022
  • If you are planning a trip to East Sussex in England and want some inspiration. Lucky for you, we put together a list of the most beautiful places to visit in East Sussex. 

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Best Places to Visit in the Dominican Republic

  • Apr 25, 2022
  • If you are planning a trip to the Dominican Republic and want some inspiration. We put together a list of the most beautiful places to visit in the Dominican Republic.

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11 Things to Know Before Travelling to Belize

  • Apr 8, 2022
  • Planning a trip to Belize? In this travel guide, I cover all you need to know before visiting Belize.


14 Interesting Facts about Scotland

  • Apr 3, 2022
  • Here are 14 fun facts about Scotland including interesting facts about Scottish food, culture and people.

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We Were Robbed by a Policeman in Mexico

  • Mar 11, 2022
  • We were robbed by a policeman in Mexico. Unfortunately, what happened to us is not rare in Mexico, we want to share our story to help you to deal with the corrupt Mexican Police and avoid a similar situation. 


14 Interesting Facts about England

  • Mar 8, 2022
  •  Here are 14 fun facts about England including interesting facts about English food, people and culture.  

Bike Touring Gear: What to bring on a Bike Tour

  • Feb 28, 2022
  • This is our bicycle touring gear list for cycling in Europe. We came up with this list after going on a bike tour through a few European countries.

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10 Best Adults Only All Inclusive Resorts in Cancun

  • Feb 20, 2022
  • Are you looking for a romantic holiday in Cancun and want to ditch the kids? Here is the list of the best adults-only all-inclusive luxury resorts in Cancun.

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10 Best Excursions and Things to Do in Cancun

  • Feb 14, 2022
  • There are many places to see and things to do in Cancun. In this post, I share some of my favourite activities and excursions in Cancun.


Best lodges with hot tubs in Kent

  • Feb 10, 2022
  • Planning a short trip to Kent and searching for a cool Airbnb in Kent to relax? We compiled a list of Kent's best lodges and cabins with hot tubs in this post.

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Things to Know Before Travelling to Cancun

  • Feb 5, 2022
  •  Cancun is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mexico and it is safe to travel to, but there are still precautions you should take. In this travel guide, we cover all you need to know before visiting Cancun.


12 Fun Things to Do in Cornwall

  • Jan 30, 2022
  • Looking for things to do in Cornwall? This is our guide to this English county, covering amazing places to see and fun things to do in Cornwall.


12 Unique and Unusual Places to Stay in the Cotswolds

  • Jan 16, 2022
  • Planning a short trip to the Cotswolds and searching for a unique place to stay in the Cotswolds for your holiday? We compiled a list of Cotswolds’ best cottages and most unusual accommodation in this post.


28 Best Day Trips from London

  • Jan 1, 2022
  • If you only have one day to explore places outside of London, this guide will help you discover the 28 best day trips you can take from London by train, by bus or by driving your own car.

Countries That Don’t Celebrate Christmas

  • Dec 8, 2021
  • Countries that don’t recognise Christmas as a public holiday are mainly the countries where the most popular religion is not Christianity.


15 Amazing Glamping with Hot Tub in Wales

  • Nov 24, 2021
  • Looking for glamping pods with hot tubs in Wales? Here is a list of the best places for glamping in Wales.

Best Gifts for Scuba Divers

  • Nov 9, 2021
  • Are you looking to buy gifts for your diver friends and family? This guide will help you choose from a list of gift ideas for scuba divers.


Why Zante is more than just a party island

  • Nov 5, 2021
  • We’re here to dispel the myth that Zante is exclusively a party-goers’ paradise. Here are three reasons why you should consider the beautiful island of Zakynthos for your next holiday


Is Zurich Expensive for Tourists?

  • Oct 29, 2021
  • Zurich is known as one of the most expensive cities to visit and that is true. But how expensive is Zurich? How much does accommodation, food and transport cost in Zurich? I answered these questions in this post. 


Best Things To Do in Edinburgh in Scotland

  • Oct 4, 2021
  • Planning a trip to Edinburgh? Read our 16 favourite things to do in Edinburgh and the best places to visit in this beautiful Scottish city.

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