Scuba diving in Langkawi: all you need to Know

May 31, 2024

Are you interested in diving in Langkawi on your trip to Malaysia? Is it worth diving in Langkawi? In this post, I gathered all you need to know about diving in Langkawi in Malaysia.

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Cenote Diving in Mexico: All You Need to Know

Apr 25, 2024

Are you interested in diving in cenotes on your trip to Cancun or Tulum? Looking for some information about cenote diving? In this post, I gathered all you need to know about diving in cenotes in Mexico.

Is Tidal the Best Anti-Fog Scuba Mask?

Jan 23, 2024

Are you in search of the perfect scuba diving mask? This article reviews the anti-fog scuba mask by ProShot and Tidal Sports, promising a fog-free diving experience.


Things to Know about the Maldives Volunteer Diving Expedition

Nov 26, 2023

 Are you planning to join a diving expedition in the Maldives? In this post, I cover all you need to know about the Maldives Volunteer Diving Expedition and share my own experience.

110 Best Scuba Diving Quotes for Ocean Lovers

Dec 16, 2022

Looking for scuba diving captions for Instagram? Or want to read some inspiring scuba diving quotes? In this post, you find the 110 best scuba diving quotes for ocean lovers.

Best Gifts for Scuba Divers

Nov 9, 2021

Are you looking to buy gifts for your diver friends and family? This guide will help you choose from a list of gift ideas for scuba divers.

Best Places to Learn Scuba Diving

Aug 30, 2020

Want to learn scuba diving and explore life underwater? Here is the list of the world’s best diving destinations where you can begin your diving adventure.

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How we got our PADI Advanced Open Water certification

Dec 19, 2018

Taking a PADI Advanced Open Water course was on our wish list because we wanted to be able to dive deeper. The advanced certification gives us access to more dive sites, especially when diving on a wreck. Some creatures and marine life also can’t be seen in shallow water, because of these reasons we wanted to enhance our skills and expand our options.


Learning to Scuba Dive in Phuket

Mar 3, 2017

Scuba diving sounds thrilling and scary at the same time, but it is definitely an adventurous activity. When we travel further we discover that we need to gain extra skills to have more fun. We need to be brave to go to high altitudes or underground or even underwater. All these activities will add extra excitement to our ventures.