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Ferry from England to France & Bike Touring in Normandy

In this video, we are taking a ferry from Portsmouth in the UK to Caen in France. We then start our bike tour through Normandy by cycling through Cabourg and some beautiful places in Normandy.

Sulaymaniyah: the BEST CITY in Kurdistan | Iraq Travel Vlog

Welcome to my Kurdistan travel series. In this video, I travel from Erbil to Sulaymaniyah, also known as Slemani, close to the Iran-Iraq border. I will take you with me to this beautiful and charming city in Kurdistan and share with you the best thing to do in Sulaymaniyah including visiting the traditional Bazaar and trying Kurdish street food.

Visiting Lalish: a Holy City in Kurdistan | Iraq Travel Vlog

In this video, I visit Lalish and its temples, which are about 4000 years old. Lalish is the holiest city for Yazidis. I also visit the tomb of Sheikh Adi ibn Musafir in Lalish, who is considered a founder of Yazidism.

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