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First Impressions of Duhok in Kurdistan | Iraq Travel Vlog

After exploring Erbil and Akre in Kurdistan in Iraq, I started exploring other parts of Kurdistan. In this video, I travel to Duhok in northern Iraq. Duhok is famous for its beautiful landscapes. I also visit one of the most famous teahouses in Kurdistan, which has been decorated with photos as well as the uniforms and weapons of Peshmerga martyrs.

Akre in Kurdistan: The CAPITAL OF NOWRUZ in Iraq

The biggest Nowruz celebration in Kurdistan in Iraq takes place here in Akre, every year on March 20th. Thousands of people, many wearing Kurdish traditional clothes, gather in this historical city in Iraq. In this video, I am travelling from Erbil to Akre to show you how Kurdish celebrate their new year: Nowruz.

Travelling to ERBIL in Kurdistan, IRAQ as a Solo Female

Welcome to Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan in Iraq. In this video, I travel to Erbil as a solo female traveller and explore the city by visiting historical monuments, eating in local restaurants and visiting one of the oldest tea shops in Iraq.

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