When it comes to scuba diving, the significance of having the right gear, particularly a mask that provides comfort and crystal-clear visibility, cannot be overstated. It's the key to unlocking the full richness of underwater experiences.  At the beginning of my diving journey, I used to rent all my scuba gear including the mask, but rental gear might not be comfortable or of the best quality. It didn’t take long to realise that I needed to invest in my gear to enjoy my dives more.

Trying the anti-fog diving mask

The very first scuba gear I personally purchased was, unsurprisingly, a mask, the iconic pink Cressi, a familiar companion in many of my underwater adventures.

Yet, as any scuba diver can attest, even the most comfortable new masks bring along a challenge: they inevitably fog up during dives. The most familiar method to reduce fogging is burning the mask carefully, followed by various other techniques like applying toothpaste, spitting on it, or using anti-fog sprays. It takes several dives, a dance of trial and error until your new mask reaches that sweet spot of clarity, free from frequent fogging.

For me, the pink Cressi became a staple; it fits my face perfectly and adds a touch of familiarity to every dive. For these reasons, changing my mask was not something I could easily do. However, when I heard about the innovative anti-fog mask from ProShot and Tidal Sports, a potential game-changer in the world of scuba gear, I had to try it. 

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Who are ProShot & Tidal Sports

ProShot & Tidal Sports comprises a small team deeply passionate about the ocean, snorkelling, scuba diving, and outdoor adventures. Founded in 2015 by four University of Vermont alumni, their initial breakthrough, the ProShotCase, transformed underwater iPhone photography. The evolution continued, and in 2019, driven by their personal diving encounters, the team introduced the Tidal Mask, a mask with long-lasting anti-fog technology for snorkelling and scuba diving. 

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How to Choose the Right Scuba Mask

When choosing the ideal scuba mask, the decision is crucial for an exceptional underwater experience. Comfort, fit, and clear visibility are the key elements that you should consider. A snug yet gentle seal against your face, minimal pressure on the nose, and an expansive field of vision are factors to consider.

Flexible nose pockets make it much easier to pinch your nose and equalize your ears whilst diving. The right nose pocket shape also prevents water from entering your mask under the nose and ensures it won’t be pushing painfully onto your nose once your regulator is in your mouth.

Selecting a scuba diving mask isn't just a choice; it's a reflection of personal preferences. For me, it's all about comfort, clarity, and a touch of charisma. As a diver and videographer, attention to what I wear, even underwater, is a constant consideration.

After all, a well-chosen scuba mask not only enhances comfort but also contributes significantly to the overall enjoyment of your dives.

Tidal Sports Anti-Fog Mask Review

The Tidal Mask seamlessly blends into the realm of typical scuba and snorkelling masks, yet its innovative features set it apart from the ordinary.

It comes with a protective transparent travel case and an anti-fog spray, which I didn't use. It is important to read the structure before using the mask. Unlike the common practice among divers to burn or apply toothpaste, the Tidal Mask requires none of these rituals. Treated with proprietary hydrophilic technology, this mask is designed to prevent fogging, translating to a hassle Anti-fog mask underwater-free and crystal-clear scuba diving experience.

Scuba diving with the anti-fog Tidal Mask
Diving with the anti-fog Tidal mask

Let's spill the truth, when I decided to put the Tidal Mask to the test on my Bali dive, I played it safe and stashed my old pink mask in my pocket, just in case. But guess what? It was a totally unnecessary move. The Tidal Mask lived up to its promises; it didn't fog at all and I had clear visibility the whole dive.

The mask is a perfect fit against my face without any discomfort or rubbing on the base of my nose. There was no leak and I could easily pinch my nose for equalising. Tidal Mask is tailored to fit the vast majority of face shapes and sizes.

As a content creator, making diving series on YouTube and underwater photography, I'm all about adding a splash of style to my gear and I tend to lean towards vibrant and distinctive masks. Tidal Mask didn't disappoint me at all. It offers a variety of colours, as well as clear or tinted tempered lenses. My chosen white mask, complemented by a light blue line around the lens, perfectly matched my white fin, adding a personal touch to my favourite colour.

The ProShot Tidal Mask is outfitted with advanced anti-fog technology, ensuring a fog-free diving experience. Featuring a replaceable, ultra-thin anti-fog film on the inside lens, this mask offers extended protection against fogging for a minimum of one year, depending on the number of dives and proper care.

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Anti-fog mask underwater

In summary, a dive mask holds a special place for many divers, serving as our portal to the underwater world. Finding the perfect mask requires time, adjustments, and a good deal of patience. Once you find the right one, changing it becomes a rare occurrence. However, I can confidently affirm that the Tidal Mask has become an integral part of my scuba gear, set to accompany me on my dive journey. The anti-fog scuba diving mask by ProShot and Tidal Sports not only met but exceeded my expectations. It not only delivered on the promise of a fog-free dive experience but also elevated my overall comfort and stylish standards.