Slovenia is a small country in central Europe with a population of more than 2 million people. This country is packed with amazing natural beauty.

Slovenia is famous for its beautiful landscapes, lakes and dramatic Scenery. It is a perfect place for adventure seekers and nature lovers. 

This country is home to one of the most beautiful lakes in the world and some of the best ski resorts in Europe.

In this post, I share some fun facts about Slovenia which help you to learn more about culture, food, people and landscape in Slovenia.

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1. Slovenia looks like a chicken

Slovenian believe that the shape of their country resembles a chicken. Let’s look at the map together, this is Slovenia. Look at the picture below, I am sure you can’t neglect the similarity.

This might sound funny, but there is a website whose name translates to “mother chicken” and it is a source of information on Slovenia.

2. Slovenia is home to 8,000 caves

Postojna Cave in Slovenia 

Slovenia is famous for its beautiful landscapes and mountain scenery, but its natural wonders are also deep underground. This country is home to 8,000 caves. However, only 20 of them are open to visitors. If you are wondering why it’s because most of the caves are unsafe and difficult to explore.

If you are in Slovenia, I highly recommend visiting Postojna Cave, a 2 million years old cave and one of the most visited attractions in the country.

3. The only living baby dragon is in Slovenia

The olm, also known as baby dragon, lives in Postojna Cave in Slovenia. This creature can live up to 100 years and only breeds once or twice a decade. Some people believe this ancient creature is proof that dragons existed.

4. Slovenia is only 30 years old

Piran in Slovenia 

Slovenia is a young country and it became an independent republic in 1991. It was also the first former Yugoslav republic to join the European Union.

5. There are more than 46 dialects in Slovenia

Slovene, also known as Slovenian is the official language in Slovenia. This language is spoken by the entire country which is only 2.3 million people, but this language is very diverse and has more than 46 dialects.

6. There are more than 1000 bears in Slovenia

Slovenia is home to one of the largest brown bear populations in Europe. These brown bears were at risk of extinction after World War Two, but thanks to all the recent environmental efforts, the country's bear population has now risen to more than 1,000.

There are various tours you can join and go for bear watching in the country’s forests. Check the price and availability of the bear watching tour here

7. There are 5 beekeepers per 1,000 inhabitants


Slovenia is known as the “heart and soul of beekeeping” in Europe. Beekeeping is an important part of Slovenia’s culture and tradition. As a matter of fact, 1 out of 200 people in Slovenia are beekeepers. This country is famous for its quality honey, so if you happen to be in Slovenia, make sure to buy some honey as a souvenir.

8. There’s a vineyard for every 70 people

You probably wouldn’t associate Slovenia with wine, but the interesting fact is that Slovenia produces some world-class wines, including Merlot. And Slovenians love their own wine, that is why they only export 8 to 9% of what they produce.

9. More than half of the country is protected

Lake Bled in Slovenia

Slovenia after Venezuela has the highest rate of protected land in the world. Forest covers more than 54% of Slovenia’s surface. This country is one of the greenest countries in Europe.

10. Slovenians are adventurous

The first married couple to summit Mount Everest were Slovenians. Plus, Davo Karničar, the first man to ski descent Mount Everest was from Slovenia.

Just a quick note about Davo Karničar, he was also the first man to ski the highest peaks of all seven continents.

11. Slovenia has nearly 30,000km of rivers and streams

Ljubljana , the capital city of Slovenia

Slovenia is famous for its crystal clear water, it could be a lake, a river or a stream. This country has nearly 30,000 km of rivers, streams and other water sources.

Basically, Slovenia is heaven for adventure seekers, who love swimming, kayaking or practising any other watersports.

12. The main traditional dish is a cake

Potica is a traditional Slovenian cake that is served on special occasions and important events. Basically, Potica is a nut roll pastry, and there are more than 80 different fillings, but the traditional one includes walnuts, hazelnuts and tarragon.

13. Bonfires are lit up on the last day of April

Bonfires are lit up on the last day of April in Slovenia

If you happen to be in Slovenia on the 30th of April you will find bonfires almost in every village during the night. This tradition goes back hundreds of years. Although, the reason for lighting bonfires has changed. Since 1890, bonfires were lit the night before international labour day (May 1st) as a reminder of labour’s rights. But nowadays it is more like a social event.

14. Many movies were filmed in Slovenia

Piran in Slovenia

Although Slovenia is not well known for making movies, it is famous for its natural beauty and it has been the location of many films. Just to name a few: Red Tails, Captain America and Armour of God.

In summary, If you enjoy spending time in nature and in the mountains, you should visit Slovenia, we had a short trip there and would love to go back and explore more.