We didn’t know much about Princess MedallionClass technology before our first cruise experience on Sky Princess.  While it may seem a bit confusing at first, trust me when I say that using it is a breeze, and it truly enhances your cruise experience, making it more enjoyable and fun.

The Princess MedallionClass allows you to get on the ship quicker, open your stateroom without a key, and locate your loved ones anywhere on the ship, as well as enhanced service like having whatever you need, delivered wherever you are on the ship.

If it is your first time cruising with Princess Cruises, or your first time since they’ve introduced the MedallionClass, this post is for you. 

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What Is the Princess MedallionClass

The Medallion is a small wearable device, that you get for free when you book a  trip with Princess Cruises. This innovative device, in conjunction with its companion app, is part of Princess MedallionClass technology, providing a range of convenient features that enhance your cruise experience.

One of the key advantages of the Medallion is its ability to speed up the boarding process. Passengers can simply tap their Medallion on designated readers, allowing for faster and more efficient embarkation. This means less time spent in line and more time to start enjoying the cruise.

In addition to that, the Medallion also provides a Wi-Fi connection available at sea. Personally, I found this feature to be impressive as it allowed me to stay connected online, sharing my travel experiences across my social media platforms.

Another notable feature of the Medallion is the ability to bookmark events and activities. You can use its companion app to mark your favourite shows, performances, or any other scheduled events. 

The Medallion also serves as a key and card for the world of Princess Cruises. Instead of using a traditional key, you can unlock your room by simply having your Medallion within its range. You can also charge your drinks, food or other purchases to your account with a tap of the Medallion. 

How To Get Your Medallion

The Medallion integrates with the MedallionClass app, an essential companion that you'll need to download on your phone before your trip. After adding your booking number, you need to fill a form and scan your passport in the “OceanReady” Profile.

Once everything is done, you are ready to go. Passengers in the United States receive their Medallion by post, while those in the UK or other destinations collect their devices at the cruise port on embarkation. 

How To Carry Your Medallion

Along with the Medallion, a complimentary lanyard is provided for easy wear. You can wear it around your neck or carry it on your pocket. 

However, for those seeking a more stylish look, additional accessories can be purchased onboard or ordered online, such as a bracelet, necklace, clip , or a watch adapter clip

The Medallion is waterproof and sandproof, so this means you can wear it all time even when swimming or if you are going on the beach.This means you can order food or drinks without carrying your bags or worrying about your cards while soaking into a hot tub or swimming in a pool. 

What Happens If You Lose Your Medallion? 

The Medallion is personalised, which means your name would be imprinted on it. Isn’t it cool? 

But what happens if you lose your Medallion? The good news is that the Princess Medallion device dosn’t store any personal information or data. 

Plus, when you sign up, you have the option to upload a photo of yourself on the app. This feature allows the crew members to easily recognise and assist you. So even if you lose your Medallion, there is no risk of someone stealing your identity or gaining access to your personal information.

The good news doesn't stop there. If you happen to lose your Medallion during your cruise, you can simply visit Guest Services on board to get a replacement free of charge

How to Use The Princess MedallionClass

Open Your Stateroom with Medallion

The Medallion offers a convenient and keyfree way to open your stateroom door. Using smart technology, it senses your Medallion as you approach the door and automatically unlocks it. Isn’t it great? You don’t need a physical key or card to lock or unlock your room. It saves you from rummaging through your bag.

Plus, you get a personalised greeting on the display near your stateroom as you approach. Your door remains unlocked while you are in close proximity and it automatically locks once you walk away. 

Order Food and Drinks Using Your Medallion

The Medallion allows you to order food and drinks using the MedallionClass app on your phone. Whether you're in your stateroom or anywhere on the ship, you can have your order delivered directly to you since the device acts as a tracker. It's perfect if you want a drink without leaving your poolside spot.

If you have Prnicess Plus, you're in for a treat! With this package, you can enjoy the luxury of ordering up to 15 alcoholic beverages and unlimited soft drinks per day. However, if you don't have the Princess Plus package, there's no need to worry. You can still order whatever you desire from the available options, and the charges will be added to your account. 

Find Your Shipmates with the Medallion

The Medallion offers a tracking feature. By utilising the MedallionClass smartphone app, you can keep tabs on your partner, friends and family's whereabouts throughout the ship. By using the MedallionClass smartphone app, you can track their real-time location, making it convenient to find each other if you happen to get separated.

The best part is, you have control over your privacy. If you prefer not to share your location with certain individuals in your group, you can easily disable the tracking function whenever you want. This gives you the flexibility to choose who can access your location information, ensuring your privacy is respected.

Plan Your Day by Using the Medallion

With the Princess Medallion app, you have access to the ship's daily schedule, providing a comprehensive overview of all the activities and events available throughout your cruise. 

From live music performances and theatrical shows to engaging game shows and workout classes, there's always something happening on the ship. The Medallion technology makes it effortless to stay informed and plan your day. Simply open the app or check the interactive screens located throughout the ship to explore the wide array of activities scheduled for each day of your cruise.

The Medallion also allows you to personalise your experience by adding events directly to your personal itinerary on the app. This way, you can keep track of your preferred shows, performances, or any other activities that pique your interest.

What To do With Your Medallion After Your Cruise?

The Medallion not only serves as a functional device during your cruise but also makes for a charming keepsake. Its magnetic properties allow you to preserve the memories of your voyage even after you return home.

Once your cruise has come to an end, the Medallion can be repurposed as a fridge magnet, adding a touch of nostalgia to your kitchen décor. For avid collectors who enjoy showcasing their travel memories through magnets, the Princess Medallion is a perfect addition to your collection