Italy, a country that holds a special place in my heart, not only for its captivating beauty but also because it is intertwined with the love story of my life. As I've travelled to many destinations, Italy has beckoned me back time and time again, enchanting me with its vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and mouthwatering cuisine. From the romantic canals of Venice to the ancient ruins of Rome, each city and region has left an indelible mark on my soul. 

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In this post, I share some of my favourite quotes about Italy, reflecting the awe-inspiring landscapes, the artistic heritage, and the warm-hearted spirit of its people. Alongside these quotes, you will find some of the best quotes about Italian food.

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My Favourite Quotes About Italy 

  1. “You know, people come to Italy for all sorts of reasons, but when they stay, it's for the same two things.


    Love and gelato.” - Jenna Evans Welch, Love & Gelato

  2. “Italian cities have long been held up as ideals, not least by New Yorkers and Londoners enthralled by the ways their architecture gives beauty and meaning to everyday acts.”

  3. “The name of Italy has magic in its very syllables.” - Mary Shelley

  4. “Italy and the spring and first love all together should suffice to make the gloomiest person happy.” - Bertrand Russell

  1. “You may have the universe if I may have Italy.” - Giuseppe Verdi

  2. “Italy is a hot country. Wherever you feel heat, your excitement and passion come out. We're hot-blooded, and where there's passion there's love, but also anger, hunger, excitement.” - Gino D'Acampo

  3. “Italy is a country every man should love once.” - Earnest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms

  4. “And I do believe that Italy really purifies and ennobles all who visit her. She is the school as well as the playground of the world.” - E. M. Forster, Where Angels Fear to Tread: Illustrated

  5. “I love the way Italy makes me feel like I'm home.” -  Ilene Modica, Our Italian Journey: Living our dream in Italy for one year

  6. “Traveling is the ruin of all happiness! There's no looking at a building after seeing Italy.” - Frances Burney

  7. “I want to retire very early, by the time I am 40, and go to live in Italy.” - Louise Mensch

  8. “The most stylish country in the world is Italy.” - Nick Rhodes

  1. “Italy has changed. But Rome is Rome.” - Robert De Niro

  2. “I was offered a free villa in Hollywood, but I said no thank you, I prefer to live in Italy.” - Ennio Morricone

  3. “Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life.” - Anna Akhmatova

  4. “Italy is a dream that you never want to wake up from” - Anonymous 

  5. “Nothing except time is wasted in Italy.” - Thomas Bailey Aldrich

  6. “In Italy, they say rain on your wedding day is symbolic of fresh beginnings, cleansing, a pure marriage, and also a wet knot that can't be untied.” - Whitney Wolfe Herd

  7. “Capri on the Amalfi Coast in Italy is my ultimate holiday destination.” - Vidal Sassoon

  1. “When life gives you twists and turns, Chique Yourself Up in Italy!” - Barbara Conelli

  2. “No matter where I've been overseas, the greatest joy was moving into Italy. Italy has changed me, for the better.” - Efrat Cybulkiewicz

  3. “In America, one must be something, but in Italy one can simply be.” - Pietros Maneos, The Italian Pleasures of Gabriele Paterkallos

  4. “We are all pilgrims who seek Italy.” -  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  5. “For sure, in Italy, the sun always shines.” - Aleksandar Mitrovic

  6. “Who can resist sleep at two or three in the afternoon in these sunlit parts of the Mediterranean?” - André Aciman, Call Me by Your Name

  1. “Italian culture is so deeply soaked in an appreciation of the good things in life.” - Mariska Hargitay

  2. “I love places that have an incredible history. I love the Italian way of life. I love the food. I love the people. I love the attitudes of Italians.” - Elton John

Best Quotes about Italian Food

  1. “In Italy, food is an expression of love. It is how you show those around you that you care for them. Having a love for food means you also have a love for those you are preparing it for and for yourself.” - Joe Bastianich

  2. “The trouble with eating Italian food is that five or six days later you're hungry again.” - George Miller

  1. “If your mother cooks Italian food, why should you go to a restaurant?” - Martin Scorsese

  2. “No matter where I've been overseas, the food stinks, except in Italy.” - Carmen Electra

  3. “Italian food is my favorite food. It's the most sophisticated eating system.” - Peter Gabriel

  4. “In Italy, they add work and life on to food and wine.” - Robin Leach

  5. “There is a history to Italian food that goes back thousands of years, and there's a basic value of respecting food. America is young and doesn't have that.” - Lidia Bastianich

  1. Bologna is the best city in Italy for food and has the least number of tourists. With its medieval beauty, it has it all.” - Mario Batali

  2. “So... Italian gelato. Take the deliciousness of a regular ice-cream cone, times it by a million, then sprinkle it with crushed-up unicorn horns.” -  Jenna Evans Welch, Love & Gelato

  3. “There’s nothing more romantic than Italian food.” - Elisha Cuthbert

  4. “The problem many people have with Italian food is they over-complicate it. Italian food is extremely simple.” - Gino D'Acampo

  1. “All of my youth growing up in my Italian family was focused around the table. That's where I learned about love.” - Leo Buscaglia

  2. “Italian food is seasonal. It is simple. It is nutritionally sound. It is flavorful. It is colorful. It's all the things that make for a good eating experience, and it's good for you.” - Lidia Bastianich