Things to do in Innsbruck during winters

Innsbruck is located on the west side of Austria and it’s a popular destination during both summer time and winter time. The activities can vary based on the season you visit. This city attracts cultural tourists, nature lovers, adventurers, and skiers.

Since we now live in London, we don’t usually see much snow during winters, so we have to travel somewhere new every winter just to enjoy some snow. We chose Inssbruck, mostly because there are daily direct flights from London to the cute little Austrian city, which is surrounded by wonderful mountains.

Flying to Innsbruck is a treat

After taking off from London we didn’t know what to expect, but as soon as we got closer to our destination we were amazed by the change of scenery we could enjoy from our plane’s window. The view of the mountains covered with snow surprised us both, but not as much as our descent towards the town. Innsbruck’s airport is located on a deep valley with mountains rising on either side. I am glad our flight was in the morning as we had some light and we could enjoy the amazing landing experience, which was pretty unique, and also a little scary. I don’t know how I can explain the experience with words, we left the plane with joy already, and our trip had just started.

From Innsbruck airport to the city centre

Getting out of Innsbruck’s airport, called by locals Kranebitten Airport, was quick and easy. The airport is about 4km from the city centre, and there are trains and buses that can take you to the city, you can check the timetables here. We took a taxi since it was a short ride and it wasn’t that expensive.

Where to stay

There are various types of accommodations in Innsbruck, from luxury hotels to budget hostels and bed and breakfasts. You can also easily find a flat or a cosy home on Airbnb to have your own place with cooking facilities. Regardless of the type of accommodation, you should book a place around the old town or the riverside which gives you access to the local buses (ski buses) and most of the tourist attractions. We stayed in Hotel Mondschein on the riverside, which had a great view of the gorgeous river, the colourful buildings, and the mountains. Whenever we looked out of our window it was like having a beautiful postal card right in front of our eyes.

The view from our room in Innsbruck

Visiting the Old Town

The old town is, literally, the city centre, where you can feel the history. You can walk in the main street and enjoy a view of the medieval houses, some of which are painted in lively pastel colours. By visiting the Golden Roof, the Folk Art Museum, the Imperial Palace, and the Imperial Chapel you can learn more about Innsbruck’s past.

Visiting the old town is a must when you are in the city. You can dine in a nice restaurant or drink coffee at a local cafe or even do some shopping or buy liquor with any of the flavours you like the most.


There is no doubt that Innsbruck is one of the most popular ski destinations in Europe. There are different resorts around the city, all they are all easily reachable by hopping on the ski buses. Most of the hotels, like ours, have a deal with the transport companies and give their guests a free pass for buses to the ski resorts. Most of the resorts have different types of slopes, some are suitable for beginners but most of them are not. You should check before heading there. I should also add that all of the hotels provide the guests with the ski resorts map, so even if you don’t have internet with you, you can use a paper map.

Skiing in Innsbruck

If you, like us, don’t have your own ski gear, you can rent it in the town, but you can also rent it at the resorts if you don’t fancy carrying it all the way with yourself.

Snow hiking

Since Innsbruck is surrounded by nature, it is a good idea to go for a snow hike. During our stay, we went skiing for two days and we spent a day hiking and exploring. There are many routes you can take (you can find the routes in the paper map provided by the hotels). The route we took was around a ski resort and at some point, we had to cross the ski resort’s slopes, but it was safe to cross. I would highly recommend going for a hike in the snow as you will be able to enjoy nature, eat in a local restaurant in the mountains and take some nice photos.

Hiking in Innsbruck

We found Inssbruck and the area around it very lively and we would love to go back there for either winter time or summer time or both. If you have been to Innsbruck, let me know what is your favourite thing to do there.

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