Turin: a destination for all seasons

Gran Madre, Turin, Italy 

There is no doubt that Italy is one of the most popular destinations amongst tourists and travelers. But I should confess that Turin is where I fell in love with Italy.

Po River, Turin, Italy

For sure, Rome, Venice, Milan and Florence are the most famous ones, but my first trip to Italy was to Turin. So, I started exploring the country from there.

Piazza San Carlo, Turin, Italy 

Turin is a business city and cultural centre in the north-west of Italy. The city would be a good option for a weekend break. It can be easily reached by national or international flights or trains depending on where you are.

Although, my initial purpose of visiting Turin is visiting family and reuniting with some friends (since my husband is originally from the region), I always enjoy walking through the delightful city centre.

Visiting Turin to reunite with friends  

In 1861, Turin became the first capital of Italy, until 1865, when the capital was moved to Florence and finally to Rome. The city, where Nutella and Vermouth were invented, is also the home of Italian car manufacturers like Fiat, Alfa, Lancia, Abarth and Gruppo Bertone.

The streets, shops, restaurants and cafes have a mediterranean style like other parts of Italy, but you will still feel the breeze of the Alps. Turin would welcome you during winters with an Italian espresso or hot chocolate, while you can enjoy a lovely gelato or frozen yogurt during summers.

Turin in photos 

Via Roma, Turin, Italy 
Can't ignore italian food  
Lovely Turin - Piazza Vittorio Emanuele 
Turin is beautiful in all seasons  
Italian frozen yoghurt  

Torino football team's shop  

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