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Visiting the World's Deepest Canyon: VIKOS GORGE in Greece

In this video, I am exploring Zagori by going to Vikos Gorge (the world’s deepest gorge) and the beautiful Papingo Rock Pools. I also visited the River Voidomatis in Zagoria which is famous for its crystal clear waters.

Amazing Monastery in Greece | Epirus Travel Vlog

In this video, I am going to explore the north side of Tzoumerka in Epirus and will visit a unique Greek monastery inside a rock, I will also meet Napoleon who runs one of the oldest restaurants in Greece.

Epirus: Hidden Gems in Greece

January 2020, my first trip of the year, the world before the pandemic. I travelled to central Tzoumerka in Epirus in northern Greece, where I hiked and explored some beautiful waterfalls.

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