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Night Dive in Palawan & Feeding Fish with Bacon - Philippines Vlog (Episode 8)

On our very last day scuba diving, we started with an easy reef dive and finished our wreck diving course. For the first time, we went for a night dive. By the way, we also fed some fish with bread and bacon to check which one they liked the most ;)

My WORST Scuba Diving Day in Coron, Palawan - Philippines Vlog (Episode 7)

We started our day scuba diving in Irako and went down to 39 meters. On the second dive, though, I failed to go down, everyone left me alone and I had to go back to the surface. Bruno still managed to dive and visit Akitsushima and Okikawa.

Diving in MASSIVE Shipwrecks in Coron, Palawan - Philippines Vlog (Episode 6)

We stayed in Chindonan Island near Coron, popular for scuba diving in Japanese shipwrecks which were sunk during the Second World War. In this video, we explored Morazan and Olympia.

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