Glamping with a hot tub in North Wales

We always wanted to go for glamping in the UK, especially during the summers. Glamping, better known as luxury camping, had been on my wishlist for a few years and we could finally tick the box this year and spend a weekend in a wooden pod with a hot tub in North Wales.

Glamping in wales

Glamping is a unique experience that allows you to stay away from town and city crowds, enjoying being in nature while having the luxury of a bed and, often, a hot tub, unlike camping. Don’t get me wrong, we love camping as well and our experience camping in the UK led us to camp more often and allowed us to learn a lot and share our list of tips about camping in the UK.

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Booking a glamping pod in the UK

As I just explained, we really wanted to go for glamping for quite some time, but every time I googled “glamping in the UK”, I ended up on websites that required a minimum stay of 3 or 4 nights or finding very expensive cabins. I almost gave up on glamping during the summer, until this January, when we had some time for a weekend gateway. Our plan was staying in the UK but opting for a unique experience.

I started searching on websites I usually use to book hotels, like,, and Expedia. After spending a few hours, I was quite disappointed, I couldn’t find anything unique. There were a lot of nice hotels with a spa, but nothing really special or close to what I had in mind.

Strolling around the wooden pod in Wales

Then I gave Airbnb a try. I always thought Airbnb was mainly listing normal homes, but after only a few minutes I had a wish list of interesting places to stay, like luxury tents, wooden pods, old cottages, and lodges. You can sign up for Airbnb here.

I went through my shortlist with Bruno and in the end, we decided to go to a wooden pod in Cenarth in Wales.

Travelling to Wales

We had been to Wales before and we knew that exploring Wales and getting to the pod wouldn’t have been feasible without a car.

We started our journey after finishing work in London on a Friday evening. The day before our trip, we contacted the host and informed them we would be arriving late. We found the address on Google Maps and drove directly to our destination. We didn’t have any issue until we were only 5 minutes away from it, then we weren’t able to find it. When you choose a place located in the middle of nowhere you can expect to have issues finding it, especially after it gets dark. We then decided to call our host and guide us to the right place. After only a few minutes, we parked our car next to our new home for the next two nights. It was dark and we were tired after the road trip, so we went directly to the bed, which was very warm and welcoming.

Staying in a wooden pod in Wales

The pod we stayed at was clean and modern. It was really cold outside but since the pod had underfloor heating, we were very comfortable inside. We could also adjust the temperature to our own liking. We had a very well designed bathroom, as you can probably imagine, it was quite small but cosy with a walk-in shower. We had a microwave, a small fridge, some cutlery and some dishes. You can book the pod here

When we woke up we had breakfast (hot drinks and pastries we bought on our way there the night before). It was too cold to eat outside, so we had it inside the cabin. We strolled around in nature for some time before noon. Later on, we headed to Cenarth Falls and we found a couple of local pubs, we chose one and we enjoyed some lunch. After lunch, we took some photos of the waterfalls and then we drove 15 minutes to Mwnt Beach.

Cenarth waterfalls

The scenery was breathtaking, we climbed the hill to have a better view of the sea. We watched the sunset and we headed back to our pod.

Mwnt Beach

It was dark once we arrived back at our pod, so we turned on the hot tub and stayed there for a while. Unfortunately, we couldn’t enjoy seeing the stars in the sky as it wasn’t a clear night.

We ended our night by making a bonfire and had our dinner next to it.

The day after we left our cabin with some good memories and we promised ourselves to plan more glamping trips in the summertime.