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BEAUTIFUL BEACHES in Rhodes | Prasonisi & Night Diving in Rhodes

In this video, we are visiting some of the most beautiful beaches in Rhodes and will drive to Prasonisi, the most popular beach for windsurfing in Greece. We will end our day by going night diving at Anthony Quinn Bay.

Lindos: the MOST BEAUTIFUL Village in Rhodes | Cave Diving in Greece

In this video, we continue to explore Rhodes Island in Greece. We are taking a road trip to Lindos, one of the most popular towns on the island. Lindos is famous for its clifftop acropolis and its heart-shaped bay. We are also going to dive in Lindos bay and visit a few underwater caves.

Scuba Diving in Greece | Fun Things To Do In Rhodes

While we were celebrating my birthday in Rhodes in Greece, Bruno arranged for us a scuba diving trip. Diving in Greece is fun and relaxing and it is one of the best things to do in Rhodes.

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